Study session, subtitles cafe and walk ♡

Hi guys,

I apologise for my absence from the world of WordPress as I have been super busy with college and the work never lets up! however today me and one of my friends found the time not only to study but also to have a really chilled exploration day. We met up around 9am and went to the library to study Philosophy and Ethics, it was really nice seeing her outside of the classroom and being able to get really productive work done.

After that we decided to get a coffee somewhere local and stumbled upon the most lovely little cafe, which only opened 3 weeks ago. It’s called ‘Subtitles’ cafe and it had such a nice atmosphere. It was very cute and the lady who runs it was so welcoming and friendly, I can tell I’ll be going there again maybe to try out some of their other drinks or baked goods. I ordered a latte which came beautifully presented, it seemed like a crime almost to drink it! My friend, Sakkarah ordered some earl grey tea which came in a really quaint glass teacup and little jug, we’re suckers for anything cute or vintage looking haha. The prices are also quite reasonable for the size of drink you get and it’s pretty standard for a good cup of coffee. If you happen to be around the dalston area definitely give it a try!

After leaving the cafe we decided to wander through dalston and venture through the side streets which had the prettiest little houses and other coffee shops we put on our list to go to. We then took a bus to Angel and had a little bite to eat and sat down.

Today was so needed and it was actually so nice meeting up with her as I had never been out with her before and we discovered that we have a lot in common. I always like making new friends or becoming closer friends with someone so it was really great to have this day.

Hope you enjoyed my little trip of the day post & I want to make more posts like this in the future!

Until next time, Rumaanah x











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