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Winter nights in the city

Hey guys,

up and back with a new post! *pats self on back* hope you’re all having a great day and enjoy taking a read of my most recent mini adventure…

Yesterday was such a lovely day, I went out with my friend Jordan as she had some photos to take as part of her art work and as always we had such a good time. Even when we do the simplest of things I have some of the best times and I’m always left so genuinely happy.

We’re very much in the habit of seeing where the day takes us and making little impulsive decisions which is fun because we always end up finding really cool spots. Without even knowing it was on, we found a christmas market which stretched all the way along the banks of the River Thames and in front of the Tate Modern.

There were so many stalls devoted to all kind of things, food, drinks, knick knacks and jewellery, along with the selective christmas stands and fairy lights strung everywhere, it really is beginning to feel festive. The smells of all the food plus Jingle Bells playing in the background also added to the christmasy’ atmosphere. This is my favourite time of year in a lot of ways and it always seems to bring about good things and change which I love. If you happen to be around South Bank, I’d suggest checking it out!

After exploring the market and taking lots of pictures here and there we decided to make our way home, on our way we saw a trio of christmas trees near Paternoster Square (to the left of St Pauls Cathedral) . They were so beautiful and pretty much was the perfect end to the day. (credits to J for the amazing photo – which you can see below – she took of the trees with little old me also in the shot, I know she’s going to be a super successful photographer someday, watch this space).

Until next time, Rumaanah



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