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Thoughts: ‘Detoxing’ from Social Media

Hi guys,

Whether it be because of a constant bombardment of advertisements, selfies or Kardashian drama. Perhaps a deeper issue relating to politics, activism and free speech etc, social media has a lot of negatives, alongside the many positives. Social Media allows us as young people to have a voice and to put our work out there, especially as creatives. It allows us to stay informed about events happening globally and also to connect with interesting people. As someone who is a somewhat avid user of these platforms, I recognise both the pros and cons. I know many people feel similarly in terms of needing to take breaks and it being a bit overwhelming at times. Personally, I find it useful to ‘detox’ and disconnect from social media now and again, it can be so draining and cause us unnecessary stress – even if we aren’t always aware of it.

What made me ‘detox’?

During the pre and post Brexit and afternath of the US election, all social media was alight with article after article. Story after story of negative interactions from people affected by hate crime, or simply just very angry people – on either ‘side’. There was a lot of positivity too but as a lot of people were scared and apprehensive, this was the overpowering notion. Now, I’m definitely not saying people didn’t have the right to be angry or upset and express these emotions online, I just didn’t realise how much this was affecting me mentally. So during that period, I found myself really anxious and upset, each time I would read something, it deeply affected me. Usually I’m good at blocking things out but both these huge political decisions, felt so immediate and connected to me. In a sense, all the social media buzz was having an effect on me and it wasn’t a good one.

A solution?

So throughout last year and the start of 2017 I have been taking breaks – self imposed time out from checking any news and forms of media. It’s easy to burn yourself out by constantly reading and absorbing information. It’s a lot to handle sometimes so I find it so useful to disconnect and be present. I switch my phone on silent, turn off the wifi and occupy my time with something else.

So this made me wonder, what do you guys do to disconnect from Social Media? and do you find it a useful thing to do? leave me a comment and let’s chat ^^



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