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21 before 21 List ♡

Hi guys,

Every year I make loads of plans mentally and think about what I want to do and achieve and a lot of the time I don’t get around to all of it. Sometimes life takes over and you get so bogged down with the monotonous routine and everyday that you put your goals on hold. I want to put the two together so I’m actually achieving what I want as well as doing what I have to do.

I love reading other peoples list of goals and wishes for a certain age so decided to do my own. Seeing them actually achieve those goals as well makes me so happy and it’s always so up-lifting. I think writing something down makes it more real sometimes and motivates you to actually do those things, so without further ado here’s my 21 before 21 list!

1.) Travel / Explore

2.) Spend more time with friends + family

3.) Disconnect from social media / technology for a few full days – challenge!

4.) Get some work experience during the summer

5.) Get up to date on the Game of Thrones books

6.) Get fit & lose weight (in a healthy way)

7.) Attend more blogger events

8.) Learn how to cook a few traditional indian dishes (this ones for my mum, shoutout to her haha)

9.) Write more freelance articles

10.) Get more into film photography – planning to buy a point and shoot camera soon!

12.) Get started on more stories

13.) Spend more time outside

14.) Go on a train or bus with no real destination in mind

15.) Conquer anxiety

16.) Start drawing or painting again

17.) Get back on track with faith

18.) Try a new food

19.) Finally start driving lessons

20.) Appreciate the little things

21.) Repeat all the above for the next year ahead ♡


9 thoughts on “21 before 21 List ♡

  1. I really love learning to cook and trying new food. Being from Nigeria, most people don’t understand what we eat so I keep an open mind all the time. I’m still yet to try Indian. I’ve tried Chinese and I love it. Maybe when I get to the U.S

    1. I must admit I haven’t tried authentic Nigerian food yet but I want to! What dish would you suggest for a newbie? & you should definitely try Indian, our food is so diverse so I’m sure you’ll find something you like x

      1. I’ll say start with rice. Jollof rice. It’s the closest to what you’re probably used to i.e if you eat rice. I definitely will try Indian. You guys have spices and that alone is attractive.

      2. Yeah a lot of Indian dishes are accompanied with rice so Jollof rice sounds perfect for me. & haha yay! If you do let me know and what dishes, I like hearing about what people think of Indian cuisine and culture x

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