Game of Thrones: ‘The Queens Justice’ 7X03 – Ice and Fire!

Hi guys,

Back again for another chatty recap of this weeks episode of Thrones, and boy did a lot happen! Whilst there were some key moments of action which moved the plot along, the episode was also pretty heavy with dialogue and exposition. There were a lot of moments where the show seemed to come full circle and certainly very poetic. A lot of game changers too which will definitely spur the plot on for the rest of this season.

The episode began with Jon and Davos arriving at Dragonstone, to be greeted by Tyrion and Missandei. I think this was a welcome choice, not stretching the inevitable meeting of Jon and Dany till the middle or end of the episode. I feel like this really reflects the new change of pace, episodes aren’t stretched out as they have been before and there’s a definite sense of immediacy. When Jon and Dany finally meet it was slightly awkward, but I think this reflects them both very well. Given that they’re both relatively new in their positions of power and don’t yet know how to wield this power.

The meeting has the potential to be a trainwreck but through the guiding of Tyrion and Davos, they reach an impasse of sorts. Both these ‘hands’ are very useful and I genuinely feel like they shone in this scene, without their presence I think Jon and Dany would have verbally sparred a lot more and potentially ruined any chances of a future alliance.


Jon and Davos enter the Throne room

I really enjoyed all the scenes we got between Jon and Tyrion, to see two characters who parted ways reunite and find themselves thrown together again was very interesting. There was a sweet familiarity there and a mutual respect, I also liked that they discussed Sansa – albeit briefly and they both acknowledged her intelligence.

Over in Kings Landing, Euron is back with his promised gift: Ellaria. He is greeted by cheering masses, who throw rubbish at his captives, sort of mirrors Cersi’s infamous ‘shame’ scene. Except this time she holds all the power. After a display of contempt in the throne room, Euron ribbing Jaime about Cersei’s *ahem* tastes, we see Ellaria chained up in a dungeon, her daughter opposite.


The presence of the Ser Gregor aka the Mountain is menacing and I was so scared that Cersei was going to have him torture them somehow. Luckily (in one sense) Cersei chose to deliver the kiss of poison to the sand snake whilst a distraught Ellaria watches on, unable to stop it. This was probably the moment where I felt for her the most, as before I didn’t really care for her.

Over in Winterfell, Sansa is taking leadership in her stride and doing what appears to be a very good job. She is preparing for the winter and making sure they’ll have the supplies to withstand the war to come. Unlike Cersei who seems to be making impulse decisions, Sansa is looking towards the future and maintaining the North. She seems to be resistant towards Littlefingers manipulation for the most part but there’s always a level of doubt as to whether he’s getting through to her, we’ve seen this happen before after all.


Another major event at Winterfell: Bran is back! In a very heartfelt moment, Sansa is reduced to tears looking at her younger brother and embraces him. Whilst she is clearly very emotional, Bran stares on serenely. It’s clear that he’s now more the three eyed raven than the Bran Stark we have come to know. This is proven in the next scene when he shares with her that he knows everything, that has happened and is happening – including her wedding night, Sansa is visibly shaken at this and leaves Bran at the heart tree. It made me quite sad that he seemed so far removed from reuniting with his sister and being at home, but made me realise how much he has changed. Now all we need is Arya to be back!

Sansa embraces three eyed Bran

Dany seems to be taking her fair share of losses recently, with the Greyjoys gone and the Dornish also out of the equation. Her attack of Casterley Rock goes ahead, and although she loses a fair amount of the unsullied, it’s all part of Cersei’s plan! Greyworm looks over the battlements to see Eurons fleet burning the remainder of Dany’s ships. Looks like Cersei has been underestimated once again. Whilst Danys forces were kept busy at the Lannister homestead, Jaime, Randall Tarly and Bronn (yay) stormed Highgarden and took it. I’m glad we finally got to see it.

One of the standout scenes of the episode was the conversation and subsequent last scene, of one of the best characters in the show: Olenna Tyrell. She went out strong, chugging the poisoned wine that Jaime has given her as a mercy, rather than being executed in a more bloody way. She spills the truth to Jaime as it were, foreshadowing that Cersei would be his downfall, something which I really believe and also admitting her part in Joffreys poisoning. RIP to the Queen of Thorns, I think we’ll all miss her formidable presence on screen.

Until next time,

Rumaanah x



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