Game of Thrones: ‘The Spoils of War’ 7×04 – Dracarys!

Hi guys,

Back again for another recap post, so much happened this episode so let’s just dive right into it! Reunions galore as well as a fiery battle, what more could we ask for? I was aware the episode leaked a few days early but with a lot of willpower I resisted watching until the right day!

I think the standout scene of this episode was the battle at the end, from the costume design to the set pieces as well as the editing, it was exhilarating. It felt like a scene from the season finale rather than mid season but you won’t find me complaining. I figured from the trailer we’d get a Dothraki vs Lannister battle and with the pace of this season bulleting along, it makes sense to have this here. This was a major win for Dany in one sense, but at what cost? Drogon was injured by Cersei’s weapon and it makes me wonder whether she will ever really rule the seven kingdoms. She may have rained fire down on the troops and reduced them all to ash but will the remaining army pledge allegiance to her after that? only time will tell.


Tyrion doesn’t seem to happy, you can see despite his claims, he still has loyalty to one Lannister: Jaime. Speaking of, we saw him lead a ill thought out charge of glory and then promptly get knocked into the water… I’m 99% sure he’ll survive this little rampage, after all this time he won’t go out like that. His fate is tied to Cersei’s, that much I’m sure of!

As well as taking some time out on Drogon, Jon showed Dany irrevocable truth about the white walkers and she promises to help him…when he bends the knee. I think I’m not alone in shouting at the screen when this happened, on one hand it would be easy for him to support her and get the help he needs but at the risk of losing all the Northern houses, major dilemma here.


Over in Winterfell, a much awaited reunion between the Stark sisters, happened that seems to have divided fans. I for one, thought it was perfectly in character. Both Arya and Sansa have changed drastically from the bickering young girls they once were, they have both been forced to harden. It was sweet to see them hug it out though in front of Neds statue in the crypt, and I think if this is anything to go by, they’ll stay united. As much as they didn’t get on before, it’s fairly obvious that they love each other very much and after all they’ve been through, they know that they must stand united.


I think Littlefingers days are definitely numbered, he may be pencilled in on Aryas nifty little list soon… He’s definitely outnumbered now and after seeing what Arya can do with a sword, I would be very afraid if I were him. Patiently waiting on Bran to drop the truth that Littlefinger aided in Neds death and causing the war though… I am more than ready to see him die! It would be extremely poetic if he died at Sansa or Arya’s hands…maybe even with the very dagger that started this all?


Another, more underrated scene which I found quite moving was the one between Meera and Bran. She says goodbye and that when the war comes she needs to be with her family, all totally understandable, she seems to expect more from Bran, as did I than a mere thank you. At that she’s visibly shaken, upset that Jojen, Hodor and Summer died for him and he’s so cold about it. He then tells her what I think we’ve all come to realise, Bran isn’t really himself anymore. He’s inhabited the persona of the Three Eyed Raven and left his prior emotions and loyalties behind. This was really quite sad and with this show that’s a given but seriously, this was so disappointing and I don’t blame Meera for feeling defeated.

Until next time,

Rumaanah x



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