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Game of Thrones Trailer #2 Breakdown!

Hi guys, So the second trailer for Season 7 of Game of Thrones dropped a few days ago and it was EPIC. I was so psyched up after watching it that I proceeded to rewatch about six more times so I could catch all the finer details. Anyone who watches GOT knows that the show… Continue reading Game of Thrones Trailer #2 Breakdown!

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Social media and the politicisation of young people

Hi guys, I think we have all become aware that more and more young people are taking an interest in politics and current affairs within the past few years. This is not to say that young people have never been interested in the news and politics before but I feel like after all the major… Continue reading Social media and the politicisation of young people

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Why are we afraid of Change?

Hi guys, Change is a natural part of life, in some form or another it's inescapable. However As much as change is natural and is sometimes necessary, even a good thing, the road to accepting it can be difficult at times. I think largely it's because we're all creatures of habit and we grow used… Continue reading Why are we afraid of Change?

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Get to know me: Q&A!

Hi guys, So I was recently tagged by the lovely Freya¬†as part of the Liebster Awards, in an effort of getting to know smaller bloggers. She gave a short list of 11 questions to answer in order to learn a bit more about each other and I'm really excited to answer them. Hopefully it will… Continue reading Get to know me: Q&A!

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Book Lovers Tag

Hi guys, Back at it again with another book tag, so hope you enjoy! I saw this tag over on another book blog and simply had to try it out! These questions were so much fun to answer and worked as a break from my constant essay writing. Consider all of you tagged if you'd… Continue reading Book Lovers Tag