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Final year of Uni + Taking a break!?

Hi guys, As you can probably tell by the title of this post, I'm going to start my final year of University this week. It's absolutely surreal how fast the time has gone, I can still remember my first day and already 2 years has gone by. Due to how short Uni terms are, sometimes… Continue reading Final year of Uni + Taking a break!?

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Top tips for Uni essays!

Hi guys, As a second year literature student, I am definitely no stranger to writing essays. It is an unescapable element of my course, whether this be through coursework or exam settings. Not that I'm complaining as I knew what I signed up for! haha. However university assignments, especially essays with large word counts can… Continue reading Top tips for Uni essays!

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University: Two years in…

Hi guys, So I've nearly finished the last semester of my second year of Uni, ┬ájust about now and I thought this would be a useful post for those planning to go to Uni and also as a reflective post I can look back on. I wanted to share my thoughts, this may be a… Continue reading University: Two years in…